Friday, September 28, 2007

I hate computers...

I spent most of the day yesterday trying to find drivers for my Network card so I could hard wire our laptop to our new router. I finally gave up and just sent the laptop to the computer store...twice(because the first time I forgot to send the power cord and the laptop s battery was dead). Thanks Mark!(he ran it over to the store and waited for them to fix it for us, we paid him in coffee)

I got the computer back at the end of the day, with everything working correctly, but I still had to figure out why the front and back computers wouldn't talk to each other... of course it was a Norton and Xp security issue. The problem was that we had to turn off Norton's firewall on both computers and then reboot, after we rebooted Xp would turn Windows security firewall and not tell us. Finally we got all firewall's turned off on both computers, setup the connect turned them back on and everything worked... all so we could have Book Manager running on both computers again

Today I tried to setting up the back computer with just the wireless connection, but it was a no go. I am hoping all I have to do is repeat everytthing I did yesterday but this time setup the network path using the wireless card instead of the regular network card.

I hate computers!!

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