Monday, December 3, 2007

Celebrating Temiskaming Terroir Book

Caryn Colman of Smoothwater Outfitters & Ecolodge can usually be found cooking something up and for many years guests of Smoothwaters's have been asking her to publish a cookbook. Caryn considers each request a great compliment, but has been putting off the idea of a book because there have been to many other projects on the go. Finally in 2006 when asked to participate in the Royal Winter Fair representing Temiskaming as a proponent of Culinary Tourism, Caryn decided the time was right to highlight her passion for terroir, or food of the land.

"Celebrating Temiskaming Terroir" is a real delight to read, with tantalizing recipes that will make your mouth water, Caryn brings you on a foodie's dream tour of local eating in the Temiskaming area.

In the same vein as the 100 mile diet Caryn introduces us to "Edible wild Plants", some local food history and the sources out local suppliers that she uses for her meals at Smoothwater.

This is a must have book for anyone living or visiting the Temiskaming area!

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