Thursday, June 12, 2008

That time of the year

We have officially hit the time of year where Paul and I start the tug-of-war over the store temperature. He prefers to keep the store somewhere sub-zero while I don't enjoy having to dig out my winter sweaters to deal with air conditioning. As I sit here typing I am considering finding such a sweater - or maybe some mitts... Bea, can you make me some summer themed fingertipless mitts to wear in the store? hehehehe

It's also BookExpo Canada time - our big industry trade show is this weekend so Paul and I will be away until next Wed. I have packed everything humanly possible into a suitcase and carry bag - Paul did ask at one point if he should go get me the kitchen sink. I took that as a sign to stop adding things to my bag...I think I'm ready. I'm one of those people who HATES having to buy an extra thingamagigy because I didn't pack one and now realise that I do in fact need it.
Mark and Carissa will be doing their best to keep the store running and in one piece while we're gone. Please be nice to them! See you next week. ;)