Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Prairie Bridesmaid

I read this one over the last couple of bedtimes. I wasn't sure what to expect with it - was it going to be too fluffy chick-lit? It was very good. It made a great couple of evenings entertainment, I could totally identify with this woman and her conversations with the squirrel who lives in her backyard and it kept me interested in her life right to the end.... All in all a perfect light read that's not too fluffy.

The Prairie Bridesmaid: A Novel

From the Publisher:
“Teacher. One of the most unsexy jobs ever. Why couldn’t I have been in film school or architecture? I had to pick the Faculty of Cotton Pants.” Just cresting her thirties, Anna Lasko is a frustrated high school teacher whose almost ex-boyfriend, Adam, is away on temporary assignment in Europe. She finds herself tricked into a break-up-with-the-bad-boyfriend intervention by her supportive but meddling girlfriends. To cope with it all, Anna starts smoking again, keeps nightly counsel with her backyard squirrel, Buddy, and starts sessions with a caring but fashion-challenged therapist. Her well-intentioned family adds to the emotional workload when her beautiful and free-spirited sister decides to move to the Middle East with her boyfriend. Luckily, Anna has her gun-toting grandmother who constantly says it like it is, refuses to conform to anyone’s requests, and continues to live on her prairie farm half-blind, happy, and alone. Spectacularly fun and rich with wit and savvy, The Prairie Bridesmaid is a delicious debut novel about the bonds that break and make family, friendship, and love

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