Saturday, December 20, 2008

Driven Magazine Featuring Joseph Boyden

Driven magazine Dec issue has a great article on Joseph Boyden the author of "Three Day Road" and this years Giller Prize winner for "Through Black Spruce". If you are like us and cannot find an issue to read, not a problem! Just follow the link below to Driven's website. You should get the current issue of Driven magazine coming up with Joseph on the cover(who cleans up very nicely!! As all of the female staff told me!) Just click on the next page arrows to page 39 and you can read the full article. Check it out! Then go read "Through Black Spruce" if you haven't yet!!

P.S. Thanks Mary!!


It has been pretty busy here at the store with the Christmas season started, hopefully we will be able to get a chance to get up or top 5 list's for this year, there are also more pictures from our Halloween Party, plus Robert Rotenberg stopped by the store. Robert has a new book called "Old City Hall" that will be out in March. This Fiction Thriller Mystery Detective novel is already starting to get some great buzz! Look for it in the new year!


  1. Hi,

    I'm the web editor for DRIVEN magazine and I just spotted your post. Thanks for spreading the word!

    People might also like to know that the December issue of DRIVEN also features an exclusive (and quite excellent, in my opinion) short story by Mr. Boyden, which starts on page 32.

  2. Thanks Eric

    Great Magazine!! Sorry I missed your comment. I will have to post a link to the story on my next blog post!!