Monday, January 19, 2009

We missed Delurker Day!!

Oh no we missed "Delurker Day"!! I heard about this event last year while lurker on another blog called Veerle blog 2.0.(which is a great design blog) "The idea, is that all of the people that read the blog and never post, should break their habit. Stop lurking around and let us know that you’re out there!"

Maybe you’re a an avid reader, and would like to comment on one of the books we have mentioned or reviewed or maybe we want to let us know about a great book that you have read! - Why not add to the fun! Maybe your comment will help convince other lurkers to add their comments! We would love to hear from you!! They don’t have to be dramatic comments, just a simple hello would do! So don't be shy and let us know your out there.

Now - seeing that is Jan 19th and I have missed "De-Lurker Day" that does not mean that you have to wait until next year to de-lurk! If you made it to this post after the 10th, please go ahead and de-lurk!