Friday, July 17, 2009

Will Ferguson knows who we are!!!

From CBC BookClub Live Chat with Will Ferguson author of Why I Hate Canadians, Bastards & Boneheads: Canada's Glorious Leaders Past and Present, Happiness, Beauty Tips From Moose Jaw and Spanish Fly to name a few.

[Comment From Chat Noir Books]
Do you find yourself hunted and hounded by people who didn't/don't get "Why I Hate Canadians"?
Will Ferguson: Chat Noir? In New Liskeard?/
[Comment From Chat Noir Books]
yeah ;)
Will Ferguson:

One of the great things about being Canadian is that we live in one of the few countries in the world (Australia would be another possible one) where a book titled "Why I Hate Them" is assumed to be tongue-in-cheek. With Canada, it was sort of like titling a book "Why I Hate Bambi's Mother."/

Will Ferguson: I should explain. I lived in New Liskeard when I was with Canada World Youth. (Actually, in Haileybury with Candy Keith and Graham Gambles. I was volunteering at the agricultural college.)/

OKAY - Seriously, that is pretty cool. Will Ferguson knows who we are!!!

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