Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Comics & Gaming Monthly Magazine

Every once in a while our magazine reps toss us some new magazines that they think will do well in our area. Most of the time they are duds but this week we got a copy of the new C&G Monthly. It is a Canadian Comics and Gaming Magazine focusing on comics, graphic novels and video games from a Canadian perspective! I took a quick browse though it and so far so good! The cover features art work from the new Mass Effect Redemption game and inside there are some great interviews with folks like EZ Street co-creator Mark Wheatley, Author and Comic-book writer Jack Black and Online producer for Dragon Age: Orgins, Fernado Melo.(which I have almost finished!) All the interviews and articles are really interesting and informative, the only drawback is that most of the magazine is in black and white. I am looking forward to reading the rest of magazine and seeing Issue # 2. Hopefully we get more colour!

You can read more about Comics and Gaming Monthly on their website at


  1. It's a great publication, run by some pretty awesome people ;). The colour thing will take some time, more subscriptions or advertising means we can print more colour. Feel like being the first ad in a great new Canadian magazine?

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  3. We would love to! Unfortunately if it is not under 50$ it doesn't really fit our budget. What I can do is try and hand sell the magazine in our store to some of our local gamers!(like my self)