Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Who's town are you supporting?

Cool idea of the day: (Thanks ShelfAwareness)

Carla Jiminez, co-owner of Inkwood Books, Tampa, Fla., has added several new lines when she introduces an event at the store:
"We want to make sure you are aware that Inkwood does not charge sales tax. (Long pause.) As a service on your behalf, and on behalf of all the residents of our state, we do collect and submit sales tax to the state, so you can have schools and libraries and roads."

The statement has been well received. A regular response is "I never thought of it that way."

No one Likes taxes. I don't Like taxes. I do, however, like road maintenance and libraries and city water and sewer and all of the other things that taxes pay for. This is something to consider when we're choosing where to spend our money. Businesses pay taxes to the country, province or state and city where they are located. The majority of those taxes are paid wherever the company's "headquarters" are if there is more than one location. The sales taxes collected as well as the businesses' portion of the tax burden go toward the budgets for roads and schools etc where those businesses are. Allowing for simplification, if there is not enough money coming in from the local business community for a town to balance their budget, tax rates across the board, business and residential are raised to make-up for it.
Who's town have you been helping with their budget?

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  1. As a local small business owner I could not agree more !!! Shop local or miss us when we are gone.