Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Guilty Plea

Really, really looking forward to reading this one as one of the main character is from Cobalt!!

Guilty Plea

Robert Rotenberg

On the August morning his headline-grabbing divorce trial is due to begin, multi-millionaire Quentin Wyler is found dead on his kitchen floor. He's been stabbed seven times. But the dead man left a clue: a single word, spelled out in his four-year-old's letter magnets, is fixed to the fridge door.Detective Ari Greene arrives minutes before the international press, who are obsessed by Wyler's torrid affair with a young Hollywood starlet. The city's going through a crime wave and the heat is on Greene. Hours after the funeral, Wyler's ex-wife Tamar is charged with the murder.For veteran defence lawyer Ted DiPaulo, widowed and raising two teenagers, his biggest obstacle is his own client. Tamar Wyler is a strange, enigmatic beauty who comes from an old mining town in Northern Ontario. And DiPaulo's up against a determined prosecutor: Jennifer Raglan has recently stepped down as head crown and she's back with her husband - after an affair with Detective Greene...What should be a straight-forward guilty plea turns into a complex murder trial, and leaves a trail of unanswered questions in its aftermath.

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