Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Friday July 16th book signing

Local author Johanne will be in the store on Friday July 16th signing copies of her book "Loves me... loves me not" 2pm to 4pm.

Have you ever believed you were invincible, or that bad things couldn't possibly happen to you, especially, after having survived a rough childhood? Well Johanne did! She believed her future was going to be smooth, pleasant and filled with great happenings until fate intervened.

Miles, in his thirties, a wonderful father, a kind and giving brother to seven siblings, a treasured and respected son, a sociable friend and co-worker, to put it simply, a man loved by many is also Johanne's best friend, caring husband and the love of her life for eleven years, a relationship that is put severely to the test.

Within seconds of trying to swerve away from an oncoming tractor trailer, Miles lost everything he had, the memories of the past and the ability to ever walk again.

"Loves me... Loves me not" recounts the struggles a wife endures as she watches her husband suffer through amnesia, a broken spirit and a shattered life. Truly, a book about the triumph of the human spirit.

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