Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sorry for the shortage of posts!

I would like to apologize for the lack of posts this summer. Unfortunately we have been really, really busy with renovations of our rentals as well as our own place, my sisters wedding! I had plans of posting the back log of videos and pictures from past Author Events, Coffee Houses and Open Mics but again we just have had the time to get to them.

Hopefully that will change this fall. If all goes to well we might even be living in town which should also free up some time.

Of course if any in store events are happening they will get posted here!

Hope your all having a great summer!



Here are a few of the photos I have been working on called "Building the store"!!

Before we moved into our space, Wilderness Dreams was test piloting the idea of having a downtown store location. Luckily they didn't stick with the old hardware, and would be out by August, just time for us to move in and start renovating. Wildnress Dreams would eventually open up a great little shop downtown on Armstrong St.

When we started renovations there was pegboard over every wall surface in the store. So before we could reno first came the demo and everything came down.

The old Hardware store was our last choice of buildings to open the bookstore in. It was just to big and we knew we could never fill it with enough inventory, so we decided to split the store in two.

We originally thought about putting our store on what would later become the Howey Bro's side. That was until we took down the drop ceiling and found a beautiful press tin ceiling underneath and so our plans changed again. Of courses now we needed to add windows and a door to our side and this was not in our budget!!

**So there you have it, a sample of what is to come. I hope to have more posted in the fall**

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