Friday, October 29, 2010

The Cobalt Adventure Website Launch Invite!

On Oct 21st we attended "The Cobalt Historical Society" launch of their virtual exhibit on historic Cobalt.

Our friends Brit and Drew were part of the production team who put this project together and our friend Bea Demarce from the Match Factory helped out with some of the costumes and I helped out with a few bit acting roles(So ya the guy in the top right corner who lit the building on fire...yup thats me!  I burn down the hospital). 

All said and done the evening look to be a great success and the final production of "The Cobalt Adventure" looks amazing! Britt and Drew you guys did an amazing job Congrats!

So if you get a chance go check out the "The Cobalt Adventure"! It is a great online choose your own adventure game, based off of historical events that have happened in Cobalt!

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