Friday, May 6, 2011

Amen Sister

Quotation of the from Day Shelf Awareness May 6

From 'Confessions of an Unapologetic Indie'

"It's your choice, but don't come whining to me that you really want to shop local, but you have to be 'smart about your money.' I agree, you should be smart about your money. You should know that local businesses hand out thousands of dollars worth of donations and items to schools, organizations, and clubs throughout your community every year. Maybe shopping local isn't a priority for you. Fine. Talk to Amazon about donating a silent auction item for your son's school trip to D.C. and ask for a discount on books purchased for your school district. I’m sure Wal-Mart would sell your dance recital tickets or put a bucket on the counter for summer camp applications. Maybe Costco will supply the food for a fund-raiser, but I doubt it."

--Mara Lynn Luther of Chapter One Book Store, Hamilton, Mont., in her Chapter One-ders blog post "Confessions of an Unapologetic Indie."

'Confessions of an Unapologetic Indie'

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