Monday, June 13, 2011

Meet the authors! Thursday June 23 3pm-6pm

Northeastern Ontario is central to the Canadian experience. It is a region rich in historical firsts, in quickly made and lost fortunes, and in communities that have remade themselves. Elliot Lake morphed from a uranium producing community to a retirement haven, Sudbury from the world’s nickel capital into an educational, health, and business centre. The book captures both the allure and the survivor tenacity of the northeast’s single-industry towns that either are breaking out of, or are still caught in, the boom and bust cycles punctuating the resource industries Canada’s wealth relies on. A historical and cultural compendium, Come On over! Northeastern Ontario A to Z can tell you where the statues of North America’s most significant explorers are; where you can walk in the steps of British soldiers who won a decisive victory early in the War of 1812; where you can swim with a polar bear; where you can experience Ojibway or Cree culture; where the first Hardy Boys books were written, and even where Winnie the Pooh, Grey Owl, and Shania Twain lived.

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