Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summerfest Weekend!!

Summerfest / Bikers Reunion is almost upon us, just one more day and the fun begins!

Please drop by the store and say hi to us and our staff! It looks like it is going to be a hot one so if you need to cool off, feel free to drop in. We have AC, cold coffee drinks, Iced Hot Chocolates and one of my favourites Iced Apple Cider!!

We will also have our special "pick your own discount" which is good for Books, the Out-of-Print T-shirts, coffee mugs, Ugly Dolls ...etc! Items already discounted and the coffee bar do not apply.

On Saturday Chat Noir Books will be hosting a MTG tournament starting at 10:00am. Bring a Modern and Standard Deck. It is $10 to enter we will also have some discounts on some of our MTG products!

Happy Canada Weekend!

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