Saturday, August 4, 2012

Yikers Magnet Mayhem new at Chat Noir Books!

We just got in stock another fun new game called Yikerz! Check it out!!

Yikerz is a game of magnet mayhem. Place your Yikerz pieces down on the board and try to avoid attracting the other pieces already played.

The object is to get rid of all your pieces. If Yikerz collapse together, those pieces are yours to add to your stack. Stand the Yikerz upright to make your opponent’s next move even trickier! But beware, that play could backfire on your next turn.

Yikerz has a unique 4-piece interchangeable game board, which allows for many different configurations that create a variety of challenges and suits different skill levels. Using the 4 included game boards, choose from over 20 different game layout configurations that suit your skill level. The closer together the mats are, the more challenging the gameplay will be.

Includes a convenient travel pouch for portable fun- anywhere, anytime!

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