Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Return to Ravnica MTG Pre-release event at Chat Noir Books

We are pretty excited about our Return to Ravnica Pre-release event taking place this weekend on the Sunday. We are even opening our door up earlier then usual so that players can get in early start building their decks as well as giving them time to also play test their decks

We Currently have 20 people signed up for the Return to Ravnica Pre-release, with room for 10 more. So if you were thinking of coming out or had a friend who was thinking of coming let us know ASAP so we can put you on the pre-register list!

Also check out our MTG face book page for more event info:

Return to Ravnica Pre-release Tournament
$30 entry
Date: Sunday Sept 30th 2012
Doors open: 9:30am
Tournament Starts: 11:00am

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