Friday, November 2, 2007

Starwars Vault is in Stock

Ok kids here is a chance to get your parents a really cool Christmas present! This is Star Wars 30th anniversary and they have released a long-awaited Star Wars Vault book.

The vault was written by Lucasfilm's Steve Sansweet and Pete Vilmur. In side the Vault you will find dozens of rare photos, facts, collectibles, as well as recordings pulled from both the authors' collections and fromLucasfilm's own archives at Skywalker Ranch. This is a really cool collectors set that any die hard Starwars Fan would love to have! Ya I know I am a Starwars geek, but you need to check this stuff out! The vault has pull-out reproductions of posters, tickets, concert programs, t-shirt transfers, stickers, and a bunch of other collectibles that have never even been seen before.

The vault also comes with two CD's that accompany the book. Here you will find 2 hours of vintage radio ads, original cast interviews, excerpts from the NPR Star Wars radio drama, Carrie Fisher's Holiday Special performance of Princess Leia's song, George Luca's commentary, and other tracks that tell the story of every one's favorite galactic saga as never before.

Alright parents we have something for the kids too! We know you want to share your Starwars geekhood with your young Jedi wannabe so why not get them the Starwars A Pop-up Guide to the Galaxy by Matthew Reinhart

That's right! Now the excitement and action of the Star Wars saga, can be experienced in pop-up form.

Starwars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy is a three-dimensional, moving encyclopedia to the characters, planets, creatures, vehicles and technologies that appear in the original trilogy. The book is crammed with over 37 different pop-ups which include large central pop-ups to tiny mini-pop-up flaps. Each spread is a separate chapter devoted to different aspects of the Star Wars universe.

"The first spread is devoted to the planets of the galaxy, like Tatooine, Alderaan, Bespin and even the Death Star," Reinhart reveals. "In fact, a huge AT-AT plods forward on the page, re-enacting the savage battle of Hoth! Each chapter details other aspects of galaxy such as: Sentient Species and Beasts, The Rebellion versus the Empire, Rogues and Scoundrels, Galactic Vehicles, and even The Power of the Force with a completely three-dimensional helmet of the Dark Lord of the Sith himself and illuminated lightsabers! I don't want to give away too many of the surprises, but trust me, just about everybody and everything important is inside the book."

These are must have books for any Starwars fans, young or old!

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