Monday, January 14, 2008

New Board Game for Us

We got a copy of "Zombies" the board game to try out. It was a ton of fun. The premise is pretty simple. The players are people trapped in a town full of zombies. The first player to make it to the heliport or kill 25 zombies wins. One of the things we really liked about it is the fact that the game board is actually made up of tiles that get placed randomly each game so the board isn't the same each time you play. "Combat" is decided by rolling a die - 4 and over and you win but there are modifiers "bullets" that you can use to up your roll. You draw event cards that allow you to do or get things or make it difficult for other players.

We are going to start stocking this game for sale in the store as soon as we can get some more stock in. It's a great game on it's own but if you like Zombie movies it's completely tongue in cheek funny too!

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