Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sunparlour Players

Before anyone we are not a music store, no we cannot order in CD's for you unless they are book related. Alright so now that we have that out of the way, we do try and carry a small selection of Music that is put out by Local Musicians.
Funny thing...As I am writing this entry, Dennis Van Dine's Father walked into the store and bought a copy of "Hymns for the Happy". We also happened to be playing the Sunparlour Players Album "Hymns fo the Happy" in the store at this time as well. Dennis is in the band.

As you might have guested I am talking about Toronto's "Sunparlour Players". Their Brand of gospel/folk/rockabilly/punk etc seems to be winning over Toronto's indie scene "They've been described as "AC/DC guest starring on Little House on The Prairie" and their blend of guitar, banjo, drums, organ pedals, accordion and so much more converts just about anyone who sees them live...." Sunparlour Players at the Dakota Tavern and yes we have copies of their CD in stock here at the store.

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