Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wi-Fi at Chat Noir Books

So we have finally bit the bullet and are now offering Wi-Fi to our customers in the store. We are currently beta testing the new Wi-fi service, so there are no guarantees that it will always be up and running. I would like to thank our friend Caleb who helped us setup the network and also big thanks goes out to our other friend David Cooper who recommended the software.

To access the online connection you will have to ask one of the staff for a username and password, you will also need to have your very own lappy(lap-top). The service is currently free, though we have setup some restrictions. This means you will not be able to Torrent files, download movies ...etc, but you should be able to access your email, chat and browse on the interweb.



  1. HEY! I know that guy! =o

    ... ^_~

  2. Oh hey! I'm right behind him! haha

  3. Obviously you weren't stealth enough XD

  4. Hmm... we'll have to take care of this...

  5. If you had just used his body as a camera shield like I did, we wouldn't need to fix anything. FAIL D=

    ... <3

  6. Epic Fail. *Pyramid* <3

  7. Well that takes care of that then.


    *lights some fireworks*


    *ninja's away*