Monday, September 8, 2008

Pretty dirty and I loved it

From the Publisher:
Pretty Little Dirty

Lisa sees the life of her gorgeous best friend Celeste as just about perfect: she has a gigantic house, two older sisters to coach her through the hazards of high school, and loving, lively parents. As Lisa's own home has long been a place devoid of joyful noise—her mother has shut herself off in her bedroom for years—Lisa joins the Diamond household, slipping into their routine of sit-down suppers and soaking in the delicious normalcy of Diamond family life. But what begins as the story of two young women living a charmed adolescence, one of mastering dance moves and the protocols of male-female interaction, soon swirls into an intoxicating novel of art, music, and self-destructive impulses as Lisa and Celeste dare each other ever onward.

From Me:
Okay - loved it! Really loved it. It is raw and rough and slightly nasty and that all turns out to be a good thing. I felt like I was reading a real story of real teenage girls when I read this. I often feel like coming of age stories are written the way authors wished life was rather than how raw it often is. This book was a great example of a story that your grandmother would probably not approve of and it's totally worth the read.

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