Friday, September 5, 2008

Temiskaming Tourist Attractions & George Straatman's new book!

Tourist Attractions in Temiskaming...

Next week the New Liskeard Fall Fairr begins, which we always look forward to attending. since we started gardening, pickling and making our own jams, Jenn and I also like to check out the local Homecraft section.

Speaking of local attractions and events, Barb from the our local Chamber has created a wonderful list of Local attractions for the Temiskaming area. You can download the list by clicking HERE.

In Book News...

We just got in our copies of George Straatman's second book "The Converging: Mark of the Demon". Hopefully sometime in the near future we will also have George in for a book reading and signing!!

“Our day of reckoning will come, though not for some years. Know this; you cannot die unless I allow you to. I can cause you to suffer a limitless amount of agony if I so choose." The Baroness Cynara Saravic to a young Nathaniel Simpson.

After laying waste to the small Washington town of Semelar, the Demon Cynara Saravic leaves the United States with her coveted prize firmly in her grasp. Paving a bloody road of death and despair, that leads her from a remote village in Northern Mexico through the very home of the Roman Catholic Church, Cynara returns to her ancestral homeland of Romania to bask in her triumph and enjoy the spoils of her conquest. The ancient soil resonates with the agonized screams of Cynara’s past victims and these bloody ghosts cry out for retribution. The children of these restless victims will converge upon Cynara, intent upon forever purging her evil from the world. Among them will come Nathaniel Simpson and Jimmy Simms, two men driven to pursue a seemingly unstoppable monster, each driven by their own complex motivations of revenge and closure. Together they will join the beautiful and tempestuous Contayza Prowzi…a living weapon forged in the furnace of long-harboured hatred and vengeance…and confront Satan’s favourite daughter.

As Cynara prepares to meet their challenge, she discovers her greatest adversaries are not the engines of revenge that her past evils have set in motion, but rather love and her own conflicted nature.

George Straatman’s epic horror trilogy The Converging continues with the second segment, Mark of the Demon. Part intense horror and part psychological thriller, Mark of the Demon will plunge the reader into the deepest recesses of Cynara Saravic’s dark and twisted soul

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