Friday, February 20, 2009

Because all the cool kids are doing it

25 Random Things about Chat Noir Books

1. Our name comes from a famous poster for an 1800's cabaret show in Paris.

2. We opened on Halloween Day.

3. We've had someone ask to film a horror movie in our very scary basement.

4. No we do not lend books. The library is across the street.

5. We had a photo shoot for our fifth year anniversary in the scary basement.

6. Stewart McLean once gave us less than 40 minutes notice he would be here for a meet and greet.

7. We had two ladies tell us they came all the way from B.C. to try our coffee. (I'm not sure I believe them but hey...)

8. The first person who applied to work here did so before we even finished construction and although he had to wait three years he still works here now.

9. We have a walk-in safe the same size as the trailer on a semi. We're not sure what we should put in it.

10. If reading isn't listed on your resume as an interest and we don't know you by name because you're in here all the time you will not be getting a call about a job.

11. No we do not have the fifth Stephenie Meyer's Twilight book that is partially available on her website. We promise to order it when it is published.

12. Clive Barker thinks that Chat Noir Books is the "Best Pussy Ever" (We have this in writing)

13. We get offers on our store decor items so often that I sometimes wonder if we shouldn't be personal shoppers or interior designers.

14. We have a store gnome. His name is Ergglle. Unfortunately he does not clean or put stock away.

15. We started drawing cats with names on our Java Jackets as a joke and now get into trouble from the customers if we fall behind drawing or naming them.

16. We have customers that randomly drop off food for us. This is MUCH appreciated.

17. We have a fairy door and we're pretty sure there is a family of fairies living in our wall.

18. We pay to listen to a listener supported radio station because the full time employees would probably snap and kill someone if they had to listen to radio commercials all day.

19. No we haven't read everything in the store, we'd love to and we've tackled a large chunk of it but we're still human and need sleep too - why do people ask that?

20. If you can find a spot in the building that is level, plumb and square you can be our hero. There isn't one. Anywhere. We've looked. Oh well, if we only have this many saggy bits at over 100 years old we'll be looking good.

21. We were only the second place to get a pre-release reading from Joseph Boyden's Through Black Spruce. We LOVE Joseph Boyden's books (and He's pretty darn cool too), READ them!!!!!!

22. After reading a copy of "The Invitation" by Oriah we figured out that the author was describing downtown New Liskeard at the beginning of the chapter called Finding our way home. We emailed her about it and the next year she came for a signing. Small World.

23. We have a black Manekineko that took a friend of ours an entire teaching contract to find for us. Manekineko are cat-shaped lucky charms and they are most often white. Maneki means beckoning and neko means cats in Japanese. A Manekineko raises one of its front paws and beckons.You see manekineko in many Japanese stores.

24. There are currently two swords displayed in the Fantasy section. They are not for sale - you never know, we may need them in case of Zombie attacks.

25. If it wasn't for the continued support of family, friends, random author drop-ins and our fantastic customers, we wouldn't have an independent community bookstore in New Liskeard. Thank you to ALL of you.

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