Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just a rainny Tuesday Morning in Feb!!

So the road coming in was not to bad, but we did call Mark and asked him to open the store for us just in case we didn't make it in.(Just a little freezing rain)

It has been a pretty quite morning, so here is a list of music that Jenn and I have been listening to lately. Just because Music, Coffee & books go so well together!

Fist up is Joel Plaskett album La De Da. Thank you Heather and Mark for tuning us on to Joel's music.

Michael Franti & Spearhead - all Rebel Rockers. This is a great CD! It is full of songs that are very upbeat and with some great lyrics. Radio Paradise has beening playing their stuff a lot lately. Luckily our friends Leigh and Temma gave us a copy for Christmas. Thanks guys!

Far End of Summer by David Francey. Ok so CBC radio was playing one of David's songs last week on the morning show. I missed who the name of the artist and album but loved the song and I remembered that it had February & Drive in the title. Jenn thought it might be February & morning. Well we were both wrong...kinda...the song title was actually "February Morning Drive". I love the fact that CBC plays music you wouldn't normally hear on other radio stations! Great Folk album by the way.

Soul Jazz Orchestra - Freedom No Go Die has been in my CD player a lot lately as well. Phil and Steven two locals are both members in the band. Souljazz also has a new CD out! Freedom No Go Die is available at Chat Noir Books. I am waiting to her from Phil to see if we can get some of the new CDs.

I finally also got a copy of Kim Barlow's Cd Luckyburden. Thank you Garnet and Brian for the "Yukon Tunes" Cd. Kim is another musician I would love to see at the Classic...actually I would to see all these guys at the Classic!

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