Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thanks for the all the fish!

So it has been a hell of a few weeks, with trying to finish up the build and the lighting for the Classic Theatres production of the "Sound of Music"! Also a good friend of ours and the Costume Designer for the "SOM" was in an car accident last Wed night. So it was so nice of the City to leave a lovely present for us after cleaning the snow from the streets last night. Thanks for taking the time guys!

So now for an update on "Old City Hall". Well first off Jenn is reading the book first. After much grumbling I finally had to agreed with her that I just did not have the time to start reading the book(theatre build to do), so I handed it over to Jenn. Luckily she is a fast reader...really fast so I should have it by this weekend. Oh and New Liskeard gets a brief mention in the book as well. Also "Old City Hall" is freaking amazing!!

Have a great book release tomorrow Robert!

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