Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Jenn way to ring it in!

Happy Birthday Jenn! Nothing like ringing in your birthday with fire alarms! Don't worry folks nothing was burning the store is still here. We just had a little technical issue this morning, so if you were walk by the store this morning and heard alarms EVERYTHING IS OK!

It didn't help that I forgot about the neighbor's burglar alarm and set that off as well while checking to make sure their store wasn't on fire. Which it wasn't!  Apparently dust bunnies are to blame...damn dust bunnies!

Wow those alarms are really loud...I still have ringing in my ears...and I got to talk to the OPP this morning!   Great job guys quick response!

Well speaking of fire the Olympic torch will be coming though the City on New Years Eve day.

The City of Temiskaming Shores and the New Liskeard BIA have asked the local business help out with the Torch relay event by decorating our store windows depicting different provinces.  

We are the Yukon. case you didn't recognize the  territorial flag    Check out our window.

You can check out the New Liskeard BIA website for event info

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