Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Man in the Tardise and Creepy Puppet Project!

In our November 20th, 2009 post "A Doctor Who Scarf and knitting books", we mentioned our friend Matt Ficner:

The guy in the photo who is wearing Bea's scarf and who took the picture is our other good friend Matt Ficner, also a man of many talents(and who we will talk about in a later post)!
What we didn't mention was that last month Bea, Jenn and I helped out with Matt's newest production "THE REVIVAL". It's not every day you get to help make a Skeleton dance with sparkling platform shoes along with 3 other people each trying to control limbs. I should also mention that Bea Demarce of the Match Factory, also made many of the costumes for the puppets as well!

Matt will be a guest on CBC radio this Saturday Morning on "In Town and Out"(The Show will be on CBC Ottawa local broadcast.) promoting the Creepy Puppet Project and "Tales from the Strypt" . Hope you can listen or if your in Ottawa hope you can attend the show!!! You can check out more of Matt Ficner's work on his Youtube page or

Of course we couldn't resist posting "THE REVIVAL: A Creepy Puppet Project presented by Matt Ficner". Enjoy!

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