Friday, February 18, 2011

The Fetch 2nd Printing

Congratulation to Nice Rogers as his new book "The Fetch" has gone into it's second printing! We still have copies here in the store if you haven't had a chance to read it yet!

Drawing on family recollections, interviews with elders and extensive research in archives and regional museums, The Fetch, Nico Rogers’ first book, is a brilliant hybrid—neither a novel nor a collection of short stories. This compelling volume of tales and prose poems contains a broad range of characters. There is the slow-witted girl who has lost her mother and now has only the cow named Fatty for a friend; the hard-bitten captain of a schooner in recoil from the ways of his alcoholic father; the child born premature, swaddled in olive oil-soaked linen, placed in a pan and incubated in an oven. And so on, twenty-eight vignettes in all, all tightly written and highly evocative of outport Newfoundland before Confederation. Funny, tragic, and just.

"Readers will be swept away by this book’s strong sense of place, the immediacy of its voices and situations and the accompanying black-and-white photographs, which are touching complements to the prose. The Fetch, for many reasons, is a haunting and memorable tribute to the people of outport Newfoundland and a must-read for anyone interested in Atlantic Canadian history or folklore. s"
-- by Laurie Glenn Norris / The Telegraph Journal

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