Monday, February 7, 2011

A long Week at the Bookstore!

Last Sunday was a good day. We had 14 people in for the MTG draft tournament and lots of fun was had by all! By the end of the day I was feeling pretty good, just a little clean up to do and I could head home, so why did I have a nagging feeling that I had forgotten something? As I closed the door and locked it, I made a mental note that I had actually locked the door(and yes I have made it half way home and then turned around just to find out that I had actually locked the door!), I jump into the truck and that is when I remembered the orange caution sign that was now in my rear view mirror. Oh ya the water break! I needed to make sure that there was no more water coming into the store's basement from the old sump pump hole I had found in the store basement the week before. (Ok it was more like fallen into the week before, luckily there was only about 2 feet of water in sump pump hole so I just soaked my pant leg up to my knee.)

Now the water was all the way to the top and spilling over onto the basement floor with little bits of stuff floating in it. There was nothing I could do but knock on wood and hope nothing else happened until tomorrow.

On Monday when Jenn and I got to the store, the City had already started digging up the road to get to the broken water main. A few of the City guys came by to check and see if our place that was causing the leak, thankfully it wasn't but they would have to turn off the water. No problem, Jenn and I filled up buckets full of water and had some jugs of distilled water ready for the Espresso machine and watched as the City guys fill in the big hole. The water was back on around 2pm!! (This was to be posted on Monday)

An hour later our router died.(Was to be posted) So after few hours of trying to get the old router to work I finally gave up and called our friend Caleb, who helped me setup our free wireless service. Caleb asked as few question and it was decided pretty quick that our old router was dead. Who knew that routers only lasted about 5 years and this router was over 7 years old!

So off to the computer store I go, bought a new router plugged it in and nothing worked. Unknown to me I had picked up one of the new wireless "N" routers. The "N" routers transmit data 2-4 times as fast as the old "G" standard wireless routers but don't work so well with the old "G" wireless network cards. So back to the computer store I go, and this time I make sure it is the "G" class router I pick up. Back at the store I plug everything in once again but now there is no sign of our network?! Another email off to Caleb(basically our network admin) a few tweaks to the router and there it is up and running. Thursday I am back online.

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