Monday, August 22, 2011

A Cure for Emma avaible At Chat Noir Books

Chat Noir Books now has Copies of "A Cure for Emma: One Mother's Journey to Oz" by Julie Colvin available here in the store!! We also have a few sign copies in stock as well.

If your not able to get into the store we can ship a copy of the book to you. YOu can contact us by email or by phone 705-647-8215.

Julie Colvin is a local author who lives here in Temiskaming Shores.

"During my fourteen years as a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, I acquired a vast knowledge of the body and its organ systems. It was not until dis-ease struck my family that I became aware of a larger picture of health. One that involved natural holistic approaches, self-empowerment, and the very thoughts we choose to think."

A Cure for Emma

"The tsunami of '04... The death of my dearest friend... The crash landing of our plane on my family's first vacation. That should have been enough to bring me to a place of deeper reflection—oh, how I wish!

Sometimes, the waters of change become murkiest before settling into their calmer, more pristine state. When that pivotal moment strikes, changing everything, you have a choice: retreat into fear and despair, or heal the wounds of the past, focus on the future you intend to create, and listen to any messages tap-tapping on your door or inside your head.

It took the diagnosis of an incurable disease for my seven-year-old daughter—our fourth catastrophe in one year—to grab me by the shoulders and stop me in my tracks. This turning point, this "cry Uncle" moment made me see the vibrational boomerangs I had been sending out into the universe. I could no longer ignore the relentless pounding of these similar energetic events and ever hope to live in peace.

It was time to cut a deal with my analytical, scientifically-trained mind—to investigate and participate in a world that could not be proven in a lab. From medical professional to wellness facilitator and stay-at-home mom/pancreas, there had to be a way to get back on track and save my daughter, my family and my mental state. There was no doubt: I would turn over every stone until I found it!"

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