Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Cure for Emma Book Signing

Time: Thursday, October 13 · 4:30pm - 6:30pm

Location: Chat Noir Books

Come out and meet local author Julie Colvin and get a copy of her book A Cure for Emma signed! Live music by Robyn Dewar!!

A Cure for Emma chronicles a mother’s quest to heal her child from a nearly invisible disease: type 1 diabetes. Millions of parents around the world will relate to Julie Colvin’s roller coaster of despair, frustration, and hope when her daughter Emma was diagnosed with this life-threatening, incurable nightmare. Overnight, Julie left her medical career to become a full-time surrogate pancreas for her daughter. A Cure for Emma is also a spiritual look at one woman’s journey from anguish to hope. Writing with humor and honesty, this devoted mother offers a warm, revealing look at the spiritual questions disease forces into one’s life. We follow Julie’s quest to cut a deal with her analytical, scientifically-trained mind and investigate a world that could not be proven in a lab. While seeking a cure for Emma she risks everything, including her marriage, to follow a path of discovery and wonder.

"From one Mother Warrior to another, I have deep respect and compassion
for Julie's brave and loving journey in search of a cure for her daughter, Emma. There is nothing more powerful than mommy intuition and perseverance as one travels down this difficult, uncharted road. I commend Julie for her tenacity and dedication. You go girl! Much love and best wishes with your journey and your book."

... Jenny McCarthy - model, comedian, actress, author and activist.

"Nothing touches us more meaningfully than the story of a parent's care for a child-in-need. As the father of a diabetic, I understand Julie's roller coaster of despair, frustration, and hope. The love we feel for our kids is unlike any other emotion in the human spectrum, and capturing it in prose is an art. With gratitude and congratulations to Julie..."

Alan Thicke - actor, songwriter, game and talk show host.

The Faustman Lab is proud to support Julie Colvin and her ongoing efforts to raise awareness about Type 1 Diabetes. This is a disease which demands constant vigilance and determination on the part of diabetics and their families. Our hope is that this book will shed light on the issues surrounding this disease and facilitate the advancement of a cure"

... Dr. Denise Faustman - Director, Immunobiology Laboratory, Associate Professor of Medicine - Harvard Medical School.

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