Friday, September 23, 2011

Treason's Grave: Mentor

We now have copies of Treason's Grave: Mentor in stock by Sarah E. Nemcsok. Sarah is a local author from Kirkland Lake and this is her first novel.

Treason's Grave: Mentor by Sarah E. Nemcsok


A Galaxy away from her home, Abalan resides on a planet she created: Earth. Searching for her son, (while escaping her government in foreign territory) she trains her brother’s motherless daughter, Brume, in the ways of their culture. She encounters an old friend; a doctor who has his own plans to manipulate her life. Wilk, a troublesome opponent that is much closer to her than she would think suddenly enters into her life. Soon she finds Wilk an asset to her escape. Wilk’s estranged “father”(a disturbing mass murderer) chases his son to complete a self-imposed mission to kill the two people in his life he loves most, creates a dangerous endeavour for all people involved in his life, including Abalan.

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