Tuesday, November 10, 2009

David Suzuki Foundation Blog Garden and Fuzzy Monsters!

Chat Noir Books has joined David Suzuki's Blog Garden!! What is a Blog Garden you maybe asking?! Well the hope is to cultivate relationships with the internet community of like minded folks that like green stuff, like the environment and fuzzy monsters...ok you don't need to like fuzzy monsters, but it can't hurt!

The hope is that when people submit their blogs to the Blog Gardens Share page, they'll also probably end up linking back to the page from their blog. Cross-promotional style, thus creating a community of of fuzzy monster and environment loving people.

Ok so now you're asking how does Chat Noir Books fall into the sustainability issues, enviro news, eco trends and fuzzy monsters. Well first off Sesame Street celebrates its 40th anniversary today, and they have also gone green! Secondly here at Chat Noir Books we try and to recycle as much paper, plastic and tin as we can. We also compost all of our coffee grinds and tea bags. Plus all our coffee is fair-trade, organic or 100% grower direct --a premium quality coffee with a social, economic and environmental conscience. Finally we are also a member of the David Suzuki Foundation Book Club!

A big thanks also goes out to our friend Jenny Lee Silver over at the David Suzuki Foundation. Jenny Lee Silver is one of the people involved in helping to setup the Blog Garden, Check out here blog:

The personal blog of an eco-minded mom, mountain biker, photographer and self-proclaimed geek — the challenges of balancing everyday life with concern for the future of humanity in mind. Visit Some words from a Silver for more.

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