Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The High Wizard of Silvinesh now in stock!

We now have copies of Northern Author R.A. Scully new book The High Wizard of Silvinesh in stock at Chat Noir Books!!

The High Wizard of Silvinesh
R A Scully

Book Description

It is a time of darkness . . . only days remain before a deadly war is set to begin, between the minions of the Ever-Night Realm and the White Wizards of Silvinesh. An ancient message is found that gives the elvin heroes a glimmer of hope, and with it, they take a chance, and seek out a lost power, hidden, somewhere within Crystal Mountains. After narrowly escaping with their lives, the heroes return to Thelentia on the eve of battle, to aid their human allies against the deadly dark elvin threat. Journey with the brave group of friends and family, as they unravel the mysteries of the past, and find a way to save the world they love.

About the Author

Mr. Scully was born in the picturesque northern community of Wawa Ontario Canada, near the shores of beautiful Lake Superior. His dream is to one day return, and build a home for his family by one of the many pristine lakes found throughout Michipicoten's enchanting lands. For Mr. Scully, the countless places in the endless forests, remind him of Silvinesh and the elvin woods he describe in his novels. Many of my inspirations have come from this place he calls home, and now, he wishes to share his world of magic with all of you.

You can find out more about the R.A. Scully at www.highwizardofsilvinesh.com

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