Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Movember Day 10: On the Razors edge.

So this whole shaving thing every night is the pits! Last night while lathering up, I dropped my wedding ring down sink drain!! Luckily, I have big fingers which means a big ring, so I was able to unscrew the goose neck and retrieve my ring out of the plumbing. This of course took about an hour of looking around for tools and then painstakingly reaching into the small space behind the sink to unscrew the goose neck. All said and done I got my ring back; lathered up and finished my shave.

Now I am not used to shaving every night, as I usually wear a beard and neither is my skin, which has been getting a lot of razor burn lately! I mentioned this to my friend and teammate Mark Bradford who is also participating in Movember this month and he suggest that I try using some body butter after I shave as it has helped him cut down on the razor burn. Not a bad idea.

So last night after flushing my ring down the drain and then retrieving it and shaving, I decided to take Mark's advice and see if I could find some of the raspberry body butter that I had received as a present last Christmas. Unfortunately Jenn was already asleep so I couldn't ask her where it was or make too much noise as I didn't want to wake her up. So I turned on my bed side lamp to find said body butter. I couldn't find it. I was able to find the vanilla stick of body butter I had given Jenn for her Birthday though. Surely she wouldn't want me to suffer, or be waken up and asked where my body butter was. Plus she was the one who signed me up for this month of shaving and sharing a little bit of her body butter is just part of the package right? So I grabbed the stick of body butter, turned off my lamp and made my way to the bathroom where I applied the body butter to my sore razor burned bare chin.

To help, Click on this image and donate online!Time check 11:30pm and with all the excitement I was still wide awake. Well I thought to myself "You're up, why not check and see who the Giller Prize winner is, and blog about it." A great idea right? Get the news out to the masses...or the few that read our blog and by the time I am done I should be sleepy and ready for bed. Wrong! So I start typing out the the news that Johanna Skibsrud is the 2010 Giller Prize Winner(congratulations!) , and a funny thing happens, my face starts becoming a little itchy. That's when I begin to sneeze and cough. "Oh No!" I think to myself "What was in that body butter I grabbed?!" I picked up the body butter which is sitting beside the computer screen waiting for me to bring it back upstairs. I read what I though said vanilla body butter and realize that the body butter I have applied to my face is not just vanilla but also has some essential oils included in it as I well. Which I am allergic to of course. The things I do to my face for Prostate Cancer Awareness. Only 21 more days to go.

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