Saturday, November 27, 2010

Supplement to: Discovering Wild Temiskaming

Local Author Murry Muir has just releases a Supplement to his wildly popular local book "Discovering Wild Temiskaming".

The Supplement features the Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail.

Icluded in the Supplement are the following:

Ottertail Creek to Grand Campment Bay
The Inland High Trail
Gorrie Lake to Friday Lake
Red Pine Pond to Hohnson Lake
Rib Mountain Side Trails

Also included are "Favourite Bushwhacking Snowshoe Trips"

To Island Lake
Windy Lake Explorations
Hills and Valleys South of Rib Lake
The Quebec Half of Wild Temiskaming
Lowdown Creek Detour
Hearst Falls Area Detour
Twin Lakes Trails Reroute

Since the Second printing of our book "Discovering Wild Temiskaming" there have been many improvements to the Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail. The Trail has been extended another sixteen kilometers south. There is a proposal before the MNR and Parks Ontario for clearing the trail a further twenty five kilometers south...

If you would like to order a copy of ""Supplement to: Discovering Wild Temiskaming" you can call the store at 705-647-8215 or send us an email at

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